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At Cedar View Dental, we offer support in discovering what part of your diet may have in contributing to tooth decay. Foods that contain sugars and starches can be everywhere in your diet, including sodas, ice cream, candy, milk, rice, fruits, and more. With dental exams, we will help you determine which food contains ingredients that can be harmful to your teeth and help you watch how much you eat. While it is easy to simply tell somebody to never eat sugar, we understand that is not a true solution, though eating in moderation is key to keeping your teeth healthy.

Sugar is damaging to your teeth for many reasons. When you consume sugar, it sticks onto your teeth, and bacteria that acts on these deposits on your teeth produce acids, which then eat away at your tooth enamel. Over time, this can result in your tooth enamel dissolving and demineralizing, leading to decay and overall weakened teeth.

At Cedar View Dental, our Lynnwood dentists we will help you with the frequency and time in which you ingest these sugars and starches so that you minimize the damage done to your teeth.

Diane C.

Very caring staff and Dr. Jonnes kept me informed so I knew what to expect and not one bit of pain!

Kenneth M.

I left the office very relaxed and pleased with my decision to choose Dr. Jonnes.

Rosary A.

Dr. Jonnes is knowledgable, personable. attentive, kind, honest, gentle and friendly.

Gerry D.

Dr. Jonnes has professionalism coupled with friendly chair side sense of humor. Great experience!!

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